Friday, August 23, 2013

Girly Dino Party

My daughter is a girly tomboy (if that makes any sense!), so I love to take typically masculine themes, and give them a feminine twist.  I have some dino DIYs over at Confetti Sunshine if you happen to need some inspiration for a female dino lover!


  1. I love all the details from this know I'm a sucker for those palm tree straws you made, too!
    Seems I'm following in your crafty footsteps...first Shop Sweet Lulu, and now I'm doing a guest post with Sara at Confetti Sunshine on Monday. Yippee! I'm having such a great time connecting with people I've long admired in the party world. :)


    1. oh, congratulations!!! So exciting! It has been a lot of fun. Right now, it's a great little hobby, but I would love to make a career out of something party-related at some point! How about you? :) I can't believe that Pinterest has led to so many friendships (you included) with others who are just as passionate about party "design"!