Thursday, November 14, 2013

Manly Man Birthday

What says "manly" more than pine trees, deer heads, and wood slices?!  We celebrated Bennett's 3rd birthday over the weekend, and I still don't know how to classify the party.  It was going to be a lumberjack theme, but I would say it ended up being kind of "woodsy", and maybe even "hunter-ish" with the deer heads...which is fitting, since our last name happens to be Hunter!  

Anyway, I chose to simplify the prep-work on this one.  The biggest project, if you can even call it that, was the faux cross stitch deer bags.  I bought little trees for cake toppers, and ordered the birch paper straws from Hey Yo Yo.  My mom offered to make the cookies, so I just had to clean my house, make dinner, and bake the cake!  Not too shabby, ehh?!  I felt super relaxed, and really enjoyed the party since I didn't stress too much about the details (for once).  I was pretty happy with the outcome, and more importantly, Bennett thought it was the "BEST.  PARTY.  EVER!!!" 


Birch Paper Straws - Hey Yo Yo
Cake trees - Hobby Lobby
Cookie recipe - Pixel Whisk
Glassine Bags - Confetti Sunshine

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