Thursday, March 9, 2017

THURSDAY THEME | "camp unicorn" part one

Unicorns are still going strong!  In fact, there is so much inspiration out there for a fabulous unicorn party, that I had to break the post into two parts...and I still couldn't include everything!  I recently saw a pennant for "camp unicorn" on Pinterest, and that inspired the party title.  How fun would it be to host unicorn camp this summer?


1.   FREE PRINTABLE UNICORN VALENTINES  So, I know these are valentines, but they're so adorable that maybe you could somehow white out the "valentine" part, and use them as party favor gift tags?  Of course, if it's a Valentine's party, just leave 'em!  

2.   RAINBOW FROSTED CUPCAKES  These are soooo unicorny!  There is a fantastic recipe and tutorial at Party Patisserie.  

3.   UNICORN ORIGAMI BROOCH  Love this.  It may be a little expensive for party favors, but would be super cute for the hostess!

4.   SPRINKLE ICE CUBES  Such a fun idea!  There is not a tutorial for the ice cubes pictured, but there are similar "glitter cubes" at a Subtle Revelry.

5.   OMBRE PARTY CANDLES  These are perfect for a unicorn shindig!

6.   UNICORN BACON NECKLACE  How clever is "unicorn bacon"?  This Etsy seller created adorable necklaces, which would be great for party favors.  You could also use some "rainbow sour belt candy" to serve as actual bacon. 

7.   UNICORN PINATA MAKEOVER  All you have to do is buy a donkey pinata, and give him a cute little makeover!  

8.   UNICORN LOVERS CLUB  You could use this phrase on the invitations, or post it on the front door.  You could even make a garland using a cutting machine, or if you're feeling artistic - make a poster to hang in the "unicorn lounge".   

9.   UNICORN RINGS  I'm a HUGE fan of these rings...and they happen to be on sale right now!

10. UNICORN TOAST  Unicorn lovers need snacks, right?!  

11. UNICORN RIBBON ROSETTE  SO cute!  Hang these on the wall by your "unicorn lovers club" garland, or use them as literal game prize ribbons.

12. UNICORN FOOD  Throw a bunch of pink, sparkly sprinkles and candy together to create "unicorn food".  Unicorn fans will love it!

Be sure to check out "PART TWO" next week!

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