Thursday, March 16, 2017

THURSDAY THEME | "camp unicorn" part two

There are too many brilliant unicorn ideas to fit into one post, so I split it into two.  Be sure to check out part one for even more unicorn party inspiration. ...Then come back next Thursday for a new theme!     


1.  DIY UNICORN BALLOONS  Studio DIY came up with a fun way to dress up some plain pink balloons!

2.  CAMP UNICORN PENNANT  This was a custom order from Chic Baby Rose.  I am SO in love! It would be so fun to run with a "camp unicorn" theme! Isn't it inspiring?

3.  STUFFED UNICORN BALLOON ANIMAL  It would be fun to make enough unicorns to hand out as party favors.  Click the link for the tutorial on Little Inspiration.

4.  PRISM PARTY PLATES  These just look unicorn-ish, right?

5.  UNICORN POOL FLOAT  How about a unicorn pool party?!  You would definitely need this float.

6.  UNICORN MOTEL KEY CHAIN If you're hosting a unicorn sleepover, the girls will need a key to the unicorn motel!  This would also be a fun party favor.

7.  UNICORN CAKE This naked watercolor cake has the perfect magical look for a unicorn theme.

8.  UNICORN RING  The hostess should definitely wear this Kate Spade balloon animal unicorn ring!

9.  UNICORN DONUTS  These are actually edible "spray paint" donuts inspired by Lisa Frank, but they look perfect for a unicorn party!  Find the tutorial on Aww Sam.

10.  UNICORN BUTTON  Shop Sweet Lulu has the most adorable buttons for sale!  You should browse the entire collection, once you're done buying the unicorn!

11.  UNICORN SUSHI  The perfect party dessert.  Find out how to make this sweet treat on Poppytalk.

12.  UNICORN TERRARIUM KIT  If you need an activity or craft, this would be perfect!  You could probably create a very budget-friendly version on your own, or you can buy this adorable kit.

That's it, folks!  I may gather enough photos for a third board at some point, but for now, be sure to check out PART ONE!

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