Friday, May 27, 2022

Happy Finds

Emoji products have been popular for a while, but some of these finds were so cute that I just had to do a roundup!  You can shop the links below.

1. Smiley Face Pendants

2. Oh Happy Day Blush Smiley Cups

3. Emoji Plates

4. Emoticons Sheet Set

5. It's Nice to Be Nice Print

6. Sending Smiles Card

7. Smiley Face Cake Toppers

8. Smile Washi Tape

9. Reusable Cloth Set

10. Emoji Invitation Printable

11. Smiley Face Mug

12. Pajama Boxers for Girls

13. Happy Face Bath Mat

14. Smiley Pajama Set for Kids

15. Mylar Smiley Face Balloon

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