Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Confetti Club : Intro & Inspo

Welcome to Confetti Club!  I don't know about you, but every time I receive a package in the mail, it really makes my day...especially when it's something I ordered from a party shop.  I literally feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  One of my favorite items to use for special occassions, parties, or photos is definitely CONFETTI.

Currently, my favorite tissue confetti has to be anything Studio Pep, and most of the online party shops carry a few mixes.  While I adore the confetti alone, I started adding a few pinches of extra confetti, glitter and mylar to personalize it for specific holidays or themes. 

I started thinking, "how fun would it be to get some friends in on collecting items for confetti mixes, and everybody gets to give and receive some HAPPY MAIL?!"  I mean, this could become a monthly thing...or quarterly??  You could just do it for all the major holidays, or include seasons, birthdays, and other relevant events.  Most of my mixes use about four different items, so invite three friends to join your club.

To get started...

1.  Decide how often your members will create mixes.  You may need a President to send reminders each month or quarter!

2.  Choose your first theme and/or color scheme, and assign confetti / glitter types, or you could take a chance and just see what each person contributes.  

NOTE:  I would recommend taking turns purchasing the different types of glitter and confetti, since the cost may vary.  Once you have a nice collection of mylar and stars, you can all just focus on theme-specific additions.  

3.  Decide on a date for each member to agree to have their contributions in the mail.  

4.  Each member will purchase an item for the mix, and divide it into four (or the number of club members).  Package each pile, and send it along to all members.  (More on this in the next post...)

5.  Wait to receive a variety of items from other members, and then combine for a fun confetti mix!

Another idea is to have each member get their own "starter kit", including gold, silver and iridescent mylar, as well as silver and gold star confetti.  Then, happy mail can just include tissue confetti, glitter, and other shapes depending on the holiday or season.       

bat glitter (similar item)


heart shaped confetti (similar item)


If you start your own Confetti Club, be sure to share pics of your mixes, and tag @fetegazette on Instagram or Facebook.  I would LOVE to see what you come up with and share inspiration.  Let's use #fgconfetticlub and spread the word!

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