Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Candy Calico Corn

Ahhh, can you believe this is Thanksgiving week?  If I’m honest, I started listening to Christmas music on November 1st, but there is so much to be grateful for this year, and sometimes I forget to stop and reflect on all the good things.  I am beyond grateful for strong friendships.  At twenty-four years old, I remember worrying about choosing the right bridesmaids.  I wanted to pick friends who would still be in my life in twenty years, and I’m happy to say that the friends I chose are my closest friends to this day!  I talk to a couple of them almost daily, and treasure them even more today than I did 20+ years ago.  We have walked through many seasons of life together (good & bad), and it feels like I wouldn’t have survived some of them without these ladies by my side.  I didn’t mean for this post to turn into a tribute to girlfriends, but I’m just SO grateful for them, and I hope they know it!  I treasure the new friends I have made along the way as well.  What are you most grateful for this year?

I wanted to share this pastel calico corn I made using candy bracelets for a fun little Thanksgiving DIY for the kids.  They’re so easy to pull together once you have the supplies, that I made five of ‘em while watching a few episodes on Netflix!  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are able to take time to relax and reflect.  Here’s a little tutorial for the calico corn!


Candy Necklaces

18 Gauge Wire

Natural Raffia

Natural Jute Twine



Step 1

Cut the candy beads off the necklaces, and place in a bowl. 

Step 2

Cut about a 12 inch piece of wire, and bend in half.  String the candy beads onto the wire, leaving about 1 1/2 inches at the top on each side. 

Step 3

Carefully hold the wire together at the top to keep the beads in place, while wrapping a second wire around the center of the first.  Make the second wire slightly longer than 12 inches, since it will lose length when you wrap it around the first.  Add candy beads to the second wire leaving space at the top again.

Step 4

Repeat the steps with one more wire, until you have six pieces of wire sticking up.  Twist the 6 wire ends together at the top, and fold over to keep any loose ends from poking anyone. 

Step 5

Cut a small bundle of raffia to about 4 1/2 inches long, and use a short piece of hemp string to tie it around the wires at the top of the “corn”.  You may cut the string down if it hangs too much. 

TIP:  Be sure to help younger kids untwist the wires, and release the candy for them. 

Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving!

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