Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Queen of Hearts

In Elementary school, there was a party for EVERY occasion - back in the day.  Now the kids get a Winter Party, and Earth Day.  WHAAAT?!!!  I love my tree-hugging friends, but Earth Day over Valentine's?!  I was soooo disappointed, so we decided to throw our own little "love day" celebration!  My daughter invited ten friends to come over for some crafting, games, and cupcake decorating, and I think I will be cleaning up sprinkles for months...but it was well worth the mess!!!


Target:  pink glitter plasticware, fortune cookie erasers, heart straws, mini honeycomb balls, sprinkle washi tape, heart wrapping paper for crowns

Hobby Lobby:  red polka dot favor bags

Michael's:  heart boxes, lip whistles, photo booth props (unfinished)

Crown template - MAKERLAND

PS I still have intentions of getting some "kitty party" tutorials up, so I apologize for slacking.  I won't make any more promises I can't keep...I promise!!! 

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