Saturday, June 25, 2022

Maker Ribbons & TO MAKE by Danielle Davis

TO MAKE is my new favorite book, with beautiful words by Danielle Davis, and gorgeous pictures by Mags DeRoma.  Although it is technically a picture book for kids, I could relate so well to the process of making that Danielle describes in the book.  To make anything, you have to gather, make, then wait.  That is pretty much what we do each time we come up with an idea.  We run to the store (or craft stash) to gather supplies, make the project (sometimes more than once!), and then wait.  When I make piñatas, I have to wait a long time for the paper mache to dry before I can paint, or sometimes I am waiting for a project to be published on another site.          

It is so fun to think about what it is that you like to make, and realize that it likely follows the three steps above!  The illustrations are so beautiful, imaginative, and inspiring, and I found myself getting lost in daydreams about making.  I love when a book or movie takes my brain to a creative place, and I am inspired to think of new ideas. That is exactly what TO MAKE did for me, so I can only imagine how inspiring the book will be to the creative minds of children.  Sometimes creativity requires thinking like a child, and a good book like this can help the adult brain get to the right state of mind.

When Danielle reached out a few months ago about collaborating on a project to go along with this beautiful book, I was so honored, and knew immediately that I wanted to participate.  When I got a sneak peak of the book, I was even more excited to work with Danielle.  Also, she is so sweet, genuine, and in the words of Anne of Green Gables, felt like a kindred spirit!  

We came up with these maker ribbons for kids to wear, hang, or display, and each ribbon involves the making process from activities in the book.  Kids can get creative and come up with their own ribbons for whatever it is that they like to make.  We hope these will inspire their imagination and creative juices!  You can find the tutorial on Danielle's website, HERE.  You will definitely want to grab a copy of the book for your personal library, or as a gift for a friend.  Happy making!

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