Monday, March 27, 2023

Fête Gazette and Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show

Hello friends!  I honestly have no idea if people read blogs these days, but I like to pop in once in a while to update my portfolio, and to say hi!  So, if you happen to read this, I hope you're doing well and I would love to hear from you!  For an update on my end, I met Amy at the fall market held at Manchester Music Hall here in Lexington.  We immediately bonded over our love of fun party decor, quirky items, and 80s childhood memorabilia, and I took her business card with plans to reach out.  We met for coffee, (it was my first time at Brevede, and I highly recommend the place), and Amy sold a few of my handmade items at some of her Christmas markets and events.  We had snowball piñatas, beautiful bells, and some sweet treats.  

I have currently been working on some springtime goodies for the Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show where Amy will be selling this weekend.  If you are in Lexington, buy your tickets now, and be sure to check out the PK's Gift Closet booth for some really unique gifts and products including some of my handmade party supplies.  We are also working on a really fun backdrop, so be sure to stop by and take some pics!  

So, these are Easter Egg piñatas filled with fun treats.  You can stick them in a basket, or send the kiddos on a hunt.  Either way, this could be a really unique addition to your Easter gifting.  

If you plan to host any parties this Spring, you'll definitely want to pick up some cotton candy cupcake toppers!  They come in a set of three - pink, light blue, and peach.  I designed them for county fair, carnival, circus or candy themes, and I am sure there are a lot of other ideas for cotton candy!  How do you envision using them?

I thought some wooden pill gift tags would be adorable on any "get well soon" present, and I believe these will be attached to the cutest gift baskets that Amy is pulling together.

These handmade sushi roll gift boxes will be sold in sets of three, and they're really cute in real life!  

In the first photo, I shared the mushroom and carrot piñatas I designed.  Unfortunately, the mushroom was especially time-consuming, so it will not be available for sale.  Neither will the carrot, but I wanted to share anyway because I love how they turned out!  I wish they were easier to whip up, because I would love to see them used for a party.  I'm afraid I will not be offering shipping at the moment, so I really hope to see you at the show!  Happy Spring!!  

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