Thursday, March 4, 2021

"Vintage" Lucky Charm Piñatas

So, I pulled these Lucky Charm piñatas out of storage the other day, and they look a little rough from being shoved in a tub with a bunch of other projects for several years.  Since that aged them a bit, we'll just call them "vintage"!  In fact, the shooting star used to be orange and white, instead of orange and yellow, so "vintage" seems legit - right?!  Which color scheme do you prefer?  Lucky Charms cereal has always been my favorite inspiration for St. Patrick's Day, and you can find the original post for the piñatas here.  The tutorial for the treats can be found at Handmade Charlotte - and that is not milk in the bowl!  Be sure to check them out.  

Don't forget to make a Leprechaun trap!  Lucky Charm Kabobs make the perfect bait, since Leprechauns looooooove Lucky Charms.  I think I'm part-Leprechaun.  

You could make some Lucky Charms Sushi with pink milk "soy sauce"!  Find the tutorial here.  I also wanted to share the cutest shop with the most adorable fetti.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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