Saturday, September 18, 2021

DIY Kokeshi Doll Stir Sticks

Konnichiwa!  (That is "hello" or "good afternoon" in Japanese.)  How are you doing?  It has been a crazy few years for all of us, and I sincerely hope that you are not only surviving - but thriving, in spite of it all.  I realized that I have neglected my blog once again, and really hope to do some catching up this year.  I am mostly working for others, but plan to document my portfolio over here, and hopefully include a few original DIYs as well.  These DIY Kokeshi Doll Stir Sticks are from way back in 2019, and were included in The Handmade Charlotte Playbook (by Rachel Faucett)!  Did I even write a post about that?!  If not, I definitely will in the near future.  It should be on every Christmas wish list!  Well, I look forward to catching up with you.  Be sure to head to Handmade Charlotte for the Kokeshi Doll tutorial!       

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