Friday, February 11, 2022

"You're Shrimply the Best" Valentine Shrimp Piñatas

You are “shrimply” the best!  I have always wanted to try making shrimp piñatas, and adding a little pun made these perfect for Valentine’s Day!  It would be so fun to host a seafood or sushi night for Galentine's and send the girls home with some piñatas filled with chocolates…or just make one for your love and go out to your favorite sushi restaurant.  If you have a mini sushi lover, it would be an adorable birthday theme!  Be sure to check out these sushi favors as well.


• Twisty balloon

• Balloon pump

• Clear tape

• Newspaper strips

• Paper mache paste (1 c water, 1 c flour)

• Scissors

• Acrylic paint in peach + pink + hot pink

• Sponge brush

• String

• Paper plate

• Mesh loofah sponge

• Party streamers in peach + pink

• Hot glue gun

• Box cutter

• Valentine candy and/or favors


Step 1

Use a balloon pump to blow up your twisty balloon to about 8 inches long.  You really have to blow up the entire thing, and then let out some air to get to your desired length.  Use a long piece of tape to hold the ends together.  Leave a decent length of tape in between the two ends to curve the balloon like shrimp, without allowing the ends to touch. 

Step 2

Dip newspaper strips in paper mache paste, and wrap the balloon in a few layers, starting in the center, and working your way up to the pieces of tape.  Allow to dry. (Overnight would be ideal).

Step 3

Remove the tape from the balloon and cover the ends in newspaper strips dipped in paper mache paste and allow to dry.  It is best to place newspaper strips in an “x” around the ends, and then wrap horizontally down the sides. 

Step 4

Paint the shrimp body in pink, and then place the pink and peach paint colors on a paper plate.  Dip your mesh loofah sponge in both paint colors, and dab it all over the shrimp, until you have a nice, varied pinkish-peach color.  Allow to dry.

Step 5

Place some hot pink paint on a paper plate, and hold a string at each end, and dip it in the paint.  Wrap the string around the shrimp body in multiple places, about an inch apart.  Allow to dry.

Step 6

Layer about 2 ½”-3" long pieces of pink and peach party streamers and cut a tail shape with scissors.  Fan them out a bit, and bunch them up at one end.  Use a glue gun to attach them to the end of the shrimp body. 

Step 7

Use your box cutter to cut three sides of a rectangle on the back of the shrimp, to make a little door for placing the candy and favors.  Take out the balloon and shake out any dried paper mache flakes over a trash can, and then fill with favors. 

Happy crafting, and Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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