Thursday, September 12, 2013

You Are the Cat's Pajamas

It was kind of obvious that my daughter had an underlying motive in asking for a "cat party" this year when she said ..."and mom, wouldn't it be so funny if I got a REAL kitten for my present?!"  We actually made her dreams come true, and adopted our first family pet!  She named him "Tuna", and he is soooo sweet -- when he isn't chewing up the Wii sensor cord!

When I first hit Pinterest for inspiration, I found a lot of toddler cat parties.  I had to get creative, and find ways to make the theme a little less juvenille.  I can't wait to share my ideas as I work on more party DIYs!

If you follow me on Pinterest, I guess it's no secret that I LOVE free printables!  I have had my eye on the printable bunny paws from Love Mae for ages.  When the cat theme was official, I knew I had to incorporate the they became invitations!  Purrrrrrrrrfect, right?!

If  you would like to make your own cat party invites, this is what you'll need:

white cardstock
glue stick
washi tape

First, print and cut out your freebies!  Next, type up a small blurb for your invitation (as seen in the photo) to fit on the back side of the paw print.  Once you have printed your invitation blurbs, turn the paw upside down over the writing, and trace around it, attempting to have the words centered in the paw.  Cut, and glue to the back side of the paw.

Next, place one paw print invitation, one "cat's pajamas" business card, and one hexagon cutie of your choice in a glassine bag, and seal with washi tape!  Your guests will love receiving a little bag of paper goodness, and will be as curious as a kitten about your party!

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