Tuesday, February 8, 2022

"You Mean the World to Me" Valentine Globe Favors

One day I was playing around with different items I had laying around my workspace, and I popped the tip of a plastic ball container into the base of a dollar store wine glass just to see if it would fit.  I was SO glad I did, because it immediately inspired these globe valentines!  I love that they can be filled with candy or favors, and just need a tag that says “You Mean the World to Me!”  You could definitely reuse this idea for Earth Day, a Back-to-School party, for a world-traveling friend or travel-inspired birthday.  Oooo, they could be cute for graduation too, for an “Oh the Places You’ll Go” theme.  Oh, and if you’re reading this, you really do mean the world to me!  I would love to know, what is your favorite handmade valentine you have ever made or received?

If you’re looking for a few other valentine ideas, check out these mini mailboxes, thumbprint heart glasses, or these pop tart pouches.  


• 2.76” Plastic ball ornament container (in-store at Hobby Lobby)

• Spray paint (silver + color of your choice)

• Silver pipe cleaner

• Scissors

Plastic wine glass base

• Cutting machine

• Adhesive vinyl sheet


Step 1

Open your plastic container, and spray paint the outside of the two halves in the color of your choice.  Allow to dry.

Step 2

Spray paint the top of the wine glass base in silver.  Allow to dry.

Step 3

Fill the container with valentine candy and favors.  Tightly tie the end of a pipe cleaner through the tip of the plastic ball.  Wrap it loosely around one side of the ball, leaving a little space between the ball and pipe cleaner.  Cut the pipe cleaner down leaving enough to wrap around half the ball, as well as a tip to stick in the top, center of the ball.  Close the container over the tip of the pipe cleaner.

Step 4

Cut continents out of adhesive vinyl using a cutting machine.  The size of the rectangle around my continents was 6.411” x 3.229” to give you an idea of size.  Attach to the outside of the ball, without placing any over the seams, and use a map or globe to help with placement. To be honest, there may be some ripples, especially on the largest continents, but do your best to smooth them out as much as possible. 

Step 5

Place the tip of the plastic ball into the base of the wine glass, and the pipe cleaner wrapped around should squeeze in as well.  Be sure kids know to be careful with the end of the pipe cleaner that is sticking in the top of the globe once they open the container.

Now, let friends, family, neighbors, classmates, teachers, etc. know that they “mean the world” to you!  Happy crafting, and Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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